Mariya Dykalo

Mariya Dykalo

Mariya DykaloMariya Dykalo – was born in the beautiful city of Lviv the Western capital of Ukraine and studied for seven years at the Ukraine National Academy of Art, graduating in 2002 with Bachelor of Design (BA) ( Honours) and in 2005 with a Masters of Art and Design (Honours) (MA).

Dykalo came to London in 2004 to study English and whilst studying also achieved a long distance Baccalaureate in Art & Design. She now lives and works in London dividing her time between painting her new collections and working as Head of Design for “Aspinal of London”

Dykalo has won numerous Awards and accolades in her home city and a reputation as one of the most talented up and coming artistes to emerge from the intellectual and artistic Centre of Ukraine.

Her impressionist paintings are an explosion of light, contrast colours and fascinating textures. Colour and energy are her inspiration and she creates works that undoubtedly lift the spirit, please the senses and sometimes amuse.

Dykalo paintings are executed in oil and are always painted with a palette knive.
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